Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Obama Needs Our Help

Somebody must get word to him about the leaked emails from the Climate Research group in England. He must not be aware of the biggest world wide scandal in recent history. Surely, if he knew that the global warming "science" is standing on shaky ground, if not directly on thin air, he would make an announcement and call off his trip to Copenhagen, wouldn't he?

Here are a few suggestions for articles to email to him from the bountiful list available on the Internet:

Sweetness and Light has numerous articles on the scandal including "Even the NY Times Begins to See the CRU Hoax."

UK Telegraph has "East Anglia Does U-Turn in Climate-Change Row."

Clive Crook wrote an excellent article in The Atlantic: “The stink of intellectual corruption is overpowering.”

Wall Street Journal: If you can’t trust scientists…

Christopher Booker (UK): Worst Scientific Scandal of our Generation

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