Monday, November 30, 2009

Advent I

Advent contradicts almost every established practice in our increasingly secular society. Ipso facto, it must be a good and important tradition.

Instead of planning parties and buying gifts, Christians are asked to examine their consciences and clean up their lives so nothing will inhibit or prohibit their relationship to the Lord of Life.

The Christian Church celebrates the weeks before Christmas by reminding people that Jesus is coming again. He came unexpectedly despite earnest study and calculations by the most learned rabbi's in Judea two thousand years ago (except for Simeon) and He will come unexpectedly again, either at our death or at the end of the world.

Advent reminds us to prepare the way in our hearts for His coming because Jesus Himself asked: But how much of that kind of persistent faith will the Son of Man find on the earth when he returns? Luke 18:8b

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

The Jig's Up on Global Warming

As people have suspected for years, the whole global warming scam really is a scam and now we have proof from the perpetrators themselves. Al Gore has refused all invitations to debate, because there is nothing there except specious claims and plans for controlling masses of people. Today's Internet is full of stories about the emails between some scientists as they connive to keep the truth from coming out. However, Fox News is the only television outlet that has dared to publish any information about the scandal. Instead, the Main Stream Media continues to act as if nothing happened with new scare stories, blaming such things as increased prostitution in the Philippines on global warming.

If you're interested in reading more, here are a few links.
Sweetness and Light: One of The Scandals Behind The CRU Emails
Drudge Report: Climategate, The Final Nail in The Coffin, and others
American Thinker:ClimateGate Uncovered, Climate Fraud and Environmental Agenda, Emails May Spur Lawsuit, Acorning the Climate Change Movement,
World Net Daily: Senator Demands Probe

Monday, November 23, 2009

Apple to The Rescue

I will be moving files from this MacBook Pro to a new one provided by Apple tomorrow instead of blogging. This laptop is six months past the extended warranty, but they're still replacing it for me. Needless to say, they now have at least one more very loyal customer.


Although our Congressional Clowns, or rather Congressional Prostitutes, love to investigate and preen before television cameras, they seem to be singularly uninterested in finding out more about ACORN. Eric Holder, US Attorney General, also seems extremely uninformed about their activities. Fortunately, Andrew Breitbart and his Big Government website, continues to unearth details about the ACORN operations.

This time, they collected reams of paper work dumped after the California Attorney General announced his intentions of investigating their activities in that state. Breitbart's group has announced they will begin releasing the damning documents bit by bit until something definitive is done. Thank you, Mr. Breitbart.

Of course, ACORN's California chief, Mr. Lagstein, has bravely stated, “…the attorney general is a political animal, but certainly every bit of the communication we have had with them has suggested that the fault will be found with the people that did the video and not the people with ACORN.”


If My People

I saw in the night visions, and, behold, one like the Son of man came with the clouds of heaven, and came to the Ancient of days, and they brought him near before him. And there was given him dominion, and glory, and a kingdom, that all people, nations, and languages, should serve him: his dominion is an everlasting dominion, which shall not pass away, and his kingdom that which shall not be destroyed. Daniel 7:12-14
Yesterday was the feast of The Lord Jesus Christ the King in the Catholic Church and Daniel 7:13-14 was the first reading. After being depressed for months about the direction our country is taking, it was good to be reminded that Jesus is the victor over all evil. In fact, in John 18:37b He tells Pontius Pilate, "To this end was I born and for this cause came I into the world, that I should bear witness unto the truth. Every one that is of the truth heareth my voice."

Pray that we and all our fellow citizens would again prize the truth above politics, above personal embarrassment, above our favorite secret sins, and above unearned gains of every variety.

Another Call for Moral Clarity

Moral clarity and its relationship to political correctness are the subject of Bill Bennett's column, "Whitewashing Reality," at National Review Online.

The money quote is: There is a rot that spreads outside of Washington into the larger culture. It begins with a confusion of terms, and by not calling things by their proper names, it begins with a disassembling of the moral categories. . . . And so we are reminded again of the notion that the chief purpose of education is to know when a man is talking rot. Because, if unchecked, the rot will settle, it will metastasize.

But you really need to read the whole thing.

No Longer Called Congressional Clowns

After Saturday's historic vote by the Senate and Mary Landrieu's boast about being bought for $300,000,000, I think we should change their name to Congressional Prostitutes.

No wonder our national debt is so high. The leadership in both parties has been buying votes for decades instead of letting bills stand or fall on their own merits. After all, it's easy to spend other people's money.

What worse, is the their constituents mistakenly believe their very own Prostitutes are bringing bacon home. The reality is they're just adding to the people's tax burden for generations to come, often for projects that are questionable at best.

It's time for everyone, politicians and voters alike, to straighten up and become honest. It's time we all developed moral clarity in every aspect of our lives.

Persistent Vegetative State???

The Daily Mail in the UK carries Rom Houben's story today. Several neurological experts declared Houben to be in a "persistent vegetative state" for 23 years, but he was conscious the entire time, merely paralyzed after an automobile wreck and unable to communicate.

As medical science advances, evidence of poor diagnoses when people are comatose will continue to mount up. Hopefully, it will also stop the growing move toward euthanasia for such patients.

As a patient who has twice awakened during surgery, I can attest to the fact that it is possible to hear and understand every word spoken, but remain unable to talk. I can hardly imagine the pain of going through that for 23 years.

But even worse, consider the consequences if a "death panel" in faraway Washington, were deciding whether or not to keep patients like Ron alive.

Friday, November 20, 2009

Same Song, Second Verse

Inspired by the "beloved" Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid intends to hold a rare Saturday session of the Senate and vote on his version of health care reform tomorrow night. If it worked for her, maybe it will work for him.

This vote is one of the most important ones ever held. *If it passes, the federal government will take over the health care industry whether the American people want it or not. Whatever else you have to do this week-end, please take the time to notify your Senators of your feelings in no uncertain terms. Put their name into a search engine, and you will discover their Washington address and phone numbers, their state offices and phone numbers, and their email addresses. Even if you've already mentioned it, please remind them of your distaste for this crude attempt to solve a real problem.

The proof that it is a VERY BAD bill is that the Congressional Clowns insist on exempting themselves from its provisions.

Also, try to contact the following senators who are being promised all sorts of goodies if they will just vote yes tomorrow evening. One provision of the bill has been written so that Louisiana will receive $100,000,000 if the Landrieu votes "correctly." Even if you are not from their states, you are a citizen whose life will be impacted by their vote, so don't let a snippy intern refuse to register your complaint. If you are a member of Facebook, write on their wall. If not, then phone, fax, or email. But do something to protect yourself and your family.

1. Mary Landrieu of Louisiana
Washinton Voice: (202)224-5824 Fax:(202) 224-9735
New Orleans Voice: (504) 589-2427 Fax:(504) 589-4023
Baton Rouge Voice: (225) 389-0395 Fax:(225) 389-0660
Shreveport Voice: (318) 676-3085 Fax:(318) 676-3100
Lake Charles Voice: (337) 436-6650 Fax:(337) 439-3762

2. Ben Nelson of Nebraska
Washington: Tel: 1-202-224-6551 Fax: 1-202-228-0012
Omaha Tel: (402) 391-3411 Fax: (402) 391-4725
Lincoln Tel: (402) 441-4600 Fax: (402) 476-8753
Scottsbluff Tel: (308) 631-7614
Kearney Tel: (308) 293-5818
South Sioux City Tel: (402) 209-3595

3. Blanche Lincoln of Arkansas
Washington: Phone: (202)224-4843 Fax: (202)228-1371
Little Rock Office Phone: (501) 375-2993 or toll free 1-800-352-9364
Fax: (501) 375-7064
Dumas Phone: (870)382-1023 Fax: (870)382-1026
Jonesboro Phone: (870) 910-6896 Fax: (870)910-6898
Fayetteville Phone: (479) 251-1224 Fax: (479)251-1410
Texarkana Phone: (870) 774-3106 Fax: (870) 774-7627

4. Evan Byah of Indiana
Washington: Phone (202) 224-5623 Fax (202) 228-1377
Indianapolis: Phone (317) 554-0750 Fax (317) 554-0760
Hammond: Phone (219) 852-2763 Fax (219) 852-2787
Evansville: Phone (812) 465-6500 Fax: (812) 465-6503
Ft. Wayne: Phone (260) 426-3151 Fax: (260) 420-0060

*It is true that the Senate require two votes to pass a bill. However, if this test vote passes with 60 votes, the momentum will highly favor passage of the bill with the second vote.

Holder's Conflict of Interests

I had intended to write about Eric Holder's former law firm, Covington & Burling, representing numerous detainees at Gitmo and the obvious conflicts of interest with his current position as Attorney General, but never got around to it. Yesterday The Washington Examiner bravely covers his refusal to recuse himself or provide complete information when asked by the Senate Judiciary Committee. I am not certain whether that exchange was before or after he made a fool of himself testifying that he had not considered precedent or consequences before making the decision to try KSM in New York City.

Michelle Malkin covers the complete background story today, so read the details there.

If My People

Is not this the fast that I have chosen? to loose the bands of wickedness, to undo the heavy burdens, and to let the oppressed go free, and that ye break every yoke? Is it not to deal thy bread to the hungry, and that thou bring the poor that are cast out to thy house? when thou seest the naked, that thou cover him; and that thou hide not thyself from thine own flesh? Then shall thy light break forth as the morning, and thine health shall spring forth speedily: and thy righteousness shall go before thee; the glory of the LORD shall be thy reward. Then shalt thou call, and the LORD shall answer; thou shalt cry, and he shall say, Here I am. Isaiah 58:6-9a
Notice that those of us who fast and pray are also asked to avoid burdening others with demands and expectations, to break our own bad habits, to give food, clothing, and shelter to the poor, and to keep family relationships close to our hearts. Then Lord promises to answer our calls for help. Let us fast and pray for the United States.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Who's in Charge Here?

When the Obama administration began, I kept comparing the thought processes and decisions to college sophomore midnight bull sessions. The topics covered were about on the same level as kids who think they know it all and that they're the first ones to grapple with life's problems in a serious way.

However, the decision to give KSM and other terrorists criminal trials in US courts reduces my estimation of the current officials down to the level of 10 year olds taking over the birthday party while their parents are out of the room preparing refreshments. The ensuing chaos, clowning, and excess inevitably lead to party goers getting hurt.

There are many things wrong with the decision to treat terrorists as common criminals and others have covered them well: J.R. Dunn and Rick Moran are two notable examples.

However, the most stupid action is that both Obama and Holder have already pronounced the prisoners guilty and sure to be sentenced to death. That would reduce our vaunted, impartial justice system to the level of the worst show trials that Russia ever held.

How can they be convicted if pronounced guilty by the President of the US while traveling abroad and his attorney general while testifying before the Senate? Even a third rate trial lawyer could get it declared a mistrial before it even begins.

If My People

The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much. James 5:16b
I can do fervent. It's easy to be fervent in prayer as the problems mount up higher and higher. I can even work on the "effectual" part as I model my prayer after the prayer the Lord Jesus taught His followers along with other examples in the Bible. It's the righteous person part that gives me pause.

I keep remembering the Pharisees, the church leaders and good people of that day, who did all the right things even to tithing the herbs in their gardens. Yet they received condemnation because although they knew much about God, but they didn't recognize Him when He was in their midst living out the principles of God in front of their eyes.

Dear Lord, help us all to know and love You more fully so that our fervent prayers would be effective. And please protect our country from all enemies, both within and without.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

A Head Start on Health Care

The Progressives tipped their hand this week regarding the future quality of health care when they made the grand pronouncement that women should not have routine mammograms until after the age of fifty. Their soothing sales talk assured the public that earlier mammograms merely lead to a lot of unneccessary biopsies and anxiety. Postponing the tests will still result in discovery of 81% of the breast cancers.

Are those other 19% of women with breast cancer not worthy of treatment?

Currently one woman in eight will have breast cancer, many of them in their thirties and forties. Early detection saved my life with breast cancer, ocular melanoma, colon cancer, and breast cancer metastasis to the lung. And I personally can add innumerable cancer patients to the same list where early detection saved lives.

Postponing mammograms will save the bureaucrats some time and effort and it will surely cut health care costs, but it will kill a lot of women before their time. It has nothing to do with real reform in the area of health care.

Good News and Bad News

I have not quit my infamous blogging career - I've just been hindered by a sick computer and a sick body.

The bad news is my trusty laptop needed a new optical drive on Saturday and then another new one on Sunday. Then the Apple card quit working properly to allow access to the Internet.

The good news is after two days of repair work, the good folks at Apple agreed to give me a new MacBook Pro despite the fact that the guarantee expired months ago because this old one has caused so much trouble. I'm to limp along for a couple more weeks until the new one arrives. Then we'll trade the old tired one for a brand new one for free. Yeah for Apple!

Now, if I could just trade in this old body for a new one...... Or just get to feeling a little bit better. But then again, I'm lucky to be alive and vertical most of the time.

Friday, November 13, 2009

The Most Scurrilous Clowns

This is a list of the fifteen most corrupt Congressional Clowns according to a left leaning watchdog group. I am not privy to the criteria they employed in forming the list, but I can think of several they ignored. At any rate, the frightening thing is the depth of corruption and the lack of shame or censure either by their colleagues or by the mass media.
One on the list plans to run for governor of Georgia and I can personally testify to his ethical challenges.

Another Way to Stop Corruption

Of course, it would put a lot of IRS employees out of work, but think how it would help everyday people to have a simple, fair tax code. On top of that, it would encourage recovery from the economic malaise that threatens to overwhelm us. Watch this video to see how countries all over the world are benefiting from a flat tax rate.

His Crotch or His Country?

According to yet another picture, Obama still favors his crotch more than the country he presides over.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Our New Pledge*

"I pledge allegiance to AmericaŹ¼s debt, and to the Chinese government that lends us money. And to the interest, for which we pay, compoundable, with higher taxes and lower pay until the day we die." *from The Daily Bail.

American tax payers daily need to pay more than $500 million just to cover the interest on our debt, most of which is owed to foreign governments. Obamas first budget deficit is greater than ALL of the Bush deficits combined.

Thank A Veteran

Yesterday a veteran responded to the query "How can we average Americans ever thank you for your service?"

His reply: "Work to improve your family, your neighborhood, your town, and your state. Make our sacrifice worthwhile by improving the nation we are defending. "

So those our marching orders as citizens are to use our energies, talents, and influence to make things better because we were there. From gracious small talk with the check-out clerk to patience with the elderly to compassionate tough love with the recalcitrant to informed political activity to implacable personal honesty, let us continue to thank our American veterans until the next Veterans' Day.

If My People

In the morning, fill us with your love; we shall exult and rejoice all our days. Give us joy to balance our affliction for the years when we knew misfortune. Psalm 90:14-15
Psalms, or The Psalter, has been the prayer book for faith filled people for over 3,000 years. Turn to it daily to find the prayer to express your need or your mood. It helps you articulate to God the longings in your heart that are so deep you can hardly find words for them. These prayers help you keep your sanity, for no matter how desperate the circumstances, they bring you back to the omnipotence of God. As I have said before, don't spend a lot of time telling God how big your problems are, instead tell your problems how big your God is.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

More from Uncle Sparky

This is a story sent to my uncle by one of his friends.

"As I came out of the supermarket that sunny day, pushing my cart of groceries towards my car, I saw an old man with the hood of his car up and a lady sitting inside the car, with the door open.

The old man was looking at the engine. I put my groceries away in my car and continued to watch the old gentleman from about twenty five feet away.

I saw a young man in his early twenties with a grocery bag in his arm, walking towards the old man. The old gentleman saw him coming too and took a few steps towards him.* ** I saw the old gentleman point to his open hood and say something. The young man put his grocery bag into what looked like a brand new Cadillac Escalade and then turn back to the old man and I heard him yell at the old gentleman saying,'You shouldn't even be allowed to drive a car at your age.' And then with a wave of his hand, he got in his car and peeled rubber out of the parking lot.

I saw the old gentleman pull out his handkerchief and mop his brow as he went back to his car and again looked at the engine.

He then went to his wife and spoke with her and appeared to tell her it would be okay. I had seen enough and I approached the old man. He saw me coming and stood straight and as I got near him I said, 'Looks like you're having a problem.'

He smiled sheepishly and quietly nodded his head. I looked under the hood myself and knew that whatever the problem was, it was beyond me. Looking around I saw a gas station up the road and told the old man that I would be right back... I drove to the station and went inside and saw three attendants working on cars. I approached one of them and related the problem the old man had with his car and offered to pay them if they could follow me back down and help him.

The old man had pushed the heavy car under the shade of a tree and appeared to be comforting his wife. When he saw us he straightened up and thanked me for my help. As the mechanics diagnosed the problem (overheated engine) I spoke with the old gentleman.

When I shook hands with him earlier, he had noticed my Marine Corps ring and had commented about it, telling me that he had been a Marine too. I nodded and asked the usual question, 'What outfit did you serve with?'

He had mentioned that he served with the First Marine Division at Tarawa, Saipan, Iwo Jima and Guadalcanal. He had hit all the big ones and retired from the Corps after the war was over.

As we talked we heard the car engine come on and saw the mechanics lower the hood. They came over to us as the old man reached for his wallet, but was stopped by me and I told him I would just put the bill on my AAA card.

He still reached for the wallet and handed me a card that I assumed had his name and address on it and I stuck it in my pocket. We all shook hands all around again and I said my goodbye's to his wife.

I then told the two mechanics that I would follow them back up to the station. Once at the station I told them that they had interrupted their own jobs to come along with me and help the old man. I said I wanted to pay for the help, but they refused to charge me.

One of them pulled out a card from his pocket looking exactly like the card the old man had given to me. Both of the men told me then, that they were Marine Corps Reserves. Once again we shook hands all aroundand as I was leaving, one of them told me I should look at the card the old man had given to me. I said I would and drove off.

For some reason I had gone about two blocks when I pulled over and took the card out of my pocket and looked at it for a long, long time. The name of the old gentleman was on the card in golden leaf and under his name.......'Congressional Medal of Honor Society.'

I sat there motionless looking at the card and reading it over and over. I looked up from the card and smiled to no one but myself and marveled that on this day, four Marines had all come together, because one of us needed help. He was an old man all right, but it felt Good to have stood next to greatness and courage and an honor to have been in his presence. Remember, OLD men like him gave you FREEDOM for America."

*Thanks to those who served...and those who supported them. These WWII vets are now dying at about 1,000 a day.

Remember, Freedom isn't Free, thousands have paid the price so you can enjoy what you have today.

Another True Story

The following is from another email from a friend of my Uncle Sparky.

This reminds me of what happened to myself some years ago. I was on the way to K.C. on the turn pike . Needed some gas and as I was about to pay for it there was a bit of a ruckus in the back of the shop. An old man had brought in a flat tire (it was the spare) and the guy in the shop had tore it up with out checking to see if it needed to be fixed. It didn't need any thing but some air. The old man was fuming, you could tell by his clothes he didn't have a lot of worldly goods. He didn't want to pay the charge, which was $5.00. Remember , this was almost twenty years ago that was a lot of money back then. Now it would be ten or fifteen.

The old guy was telling the young guy he didn't think the younger man under stood what was the right thing to do and on and on, really chewing him out about young people didn't care about what was right ect and ect. I intervened, payed the bill, helped the old man load the tire in my trunk telling him I would take him back to his car where he had the flat. It was ten miles back to the old man's car. I wish it had been fifty for he had a story to tell. He was a full blooded NAVAJO who had received the Medal of Honor for his time in ww2. As his story came out I drove slower and slower for he was so interesting, for you see he was a member of the CODE TALKERS. The code talkers had a unwritten language of extreme complexity. It has no alphabet or symbols, and is spoken
only on the Navajo lands of the American Southwest. He said they served from 1942 to 1945 and the Japanese never were able to break the code.

This year, for the first time, the Navajo Code Talkers are taking part in the New York Veteran's Day parade. You can read more about them here.

Nothing Is Free

This came from my Uncle Sparky who served in WWII and the Korean Conflict. . .

Back in September of 2005, on the first day of school, Martha Cothren, a social studies school teacher at Robinson High School in Little Rock, did something not to be forgotten. On the first day of school, with the permission of the school superintendent, the principal and the building supervisor, she removed all of the desks from her classroom.

When the first period kids entered the room they discovered that there were no desks.

'Ms. Cothren, where're our desks?'

She replied, 'You can't have a desk until you tell me how you earned the right to sit at a desk.'

They thought, 'Well, maybe it's our grades.'

'No,' she said.

'Maybe it's our behavior.'

She told them, 'No, it's not even your behavior.'

And so, they came and went, the first period, second period, third period. Still no desks in the classroom.

By early afternoon television news crews had started gathering in Ms.Cothren's classroom to report about this crazy teacher who had taken all the desks out of her room.

The final period of the day came and as the puzzled students found seats on the floor of the desk-less classroom, Martha Cothren said, 'Throughout the day no one has been able to tell me just what he/she has done to earn the right to sit at the desks that are ordinarily found in this classroom. Now I am going to tell you.'

At this point, Martha Cothren went over to the door of her classroom and opened it.

Twenty-seven U.S. Veterans, all in uniforms, walked into that classroom, each one carrying a school desk. The Vets began placing the school desks in rows, and then they would walk over and stand alongside the wall.

By the time the last soldier had set the final desk in place those kids started to understand, perhaps for the first time in their lives, just how the right to sit at those desks had been earned.

Martha said, 'You didn't earn the right to sit at these desks. These heroes did it for you... They placed the desks here for you. Now, it's up to you to sit in them. It is your responsibility to learn, to be good students, to be good citizens... They paid the price so that you could have the freedom to get an education. Don't ever forget it.'

By the way, this is a true story. Today, thank every serviceman and veteran that you know for their service to you and to our country.

If My People

Blessed be the LORD, my rock, who trains my hands for war, and my fingers for battle; he is my steadfast love and my fortress, my stronghold and my deliverer, my shield and he in whom I take refuge, who subdues peoples under me. Psalm 144:1-2
While our ultimate safety comes from the hand of God, today let us give pray for those who have done the Lord's work in protecting us and our country. We bless those who have fallen while defending liberty and we thank all those who serve or who have served in our armed forces.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Shamelessly Stolen from

Watch Out for HR 875

And on yet another front, HR 875 was introduced last spring to protect consumers in the area of food safety. Like most bills, it is deceptively worded and presented. But some of the (hopefully) unintended consequences would be to restrict all food producers, including back yard gardeners growing tomatoes for the summer. Penalties for nonconformists include confiscation of land and the details sound like it was written by giant Agri-Business lobbyists. Read more about it here, here, and here. Beware because it's coming up for voting before Thanksgiving.

I think it's time that a "Time Out" be declared in both the House and the Senate. We just don't need reams of legislation passed every session to satisfy legislative egos or to develop new nanny state regulations. And the naughty children who are our current Congressional Clowns need to stand in the corner contemplating their sins for a few months.

Remember Kenneth Gladney? (Finished blog post)

Gladney was the 130 pound diabetic and leukemia patient who was attacked by SEIU thugs at Russ Carnahan's townhall last August. The attack occured just after Obama encouraged his followers to "punch back twice as hard." Kenneth Gladney recounts his version of the evening here.

Big Government
has the police report that confirms the facts about the unprovoked attack. Now, we're all waiting with baited breath to see if there will be an indictment or if the case is dismissed just like the case against thugs who "patrolled" the Philadelphia voting booth in 2008.

The Left and Terrorism

J.R. Dunn has a great essay at The American Thinker about the erroneous worldview of the left in America. I highly recommend it for all readers to understand the scope of the problems we face today in America and to begin correction before the country is destroyed.

He opens with the assertion that the "Jihadis will return" and closes with the following paragraphs.

There is a difference between dissent and desertion, criticism and undermining. That difference has been lost amid a fog of relativism in the past few decades. But behind that fog, the hard stone of reality remains. It's no longer a game. People are going to die because of the actions taken by this country's leftists. Recognizing the differences lost in the relativistic fog has become a matter of life and death.

The terror conflict is a two-front war. It always has been, as reluctant as we are to admit it. The time to open the second front is coming.

If My People

The Lord opens the eyes of the blind, the Lord lifts up those who are bowed down, the Lord loves the [uncompromisingly] righteous (those upright in heart and in right standing with Him). Psalm 146:8 Amp. Bible
Pray that the Lord will open blind eyes of the politically correct that refuse to see truth because it does not fit their preconceived notions. Pray for all Americans to see their countrymen with eyes of love that is compassionate, tough, and truthful. Pray for the vision to see your own flaws that you might receive the grace to begin correcting them. And thank God that He is more patient and loving with us all than we are with ourselves.

Monday, November 9, 2009

If My People

Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter! Woe unto them that are wise in their own eyes, and prudent in their own sight! Isaiah 5:20-21
Beware of politically correct speech because it lacks moral clarity. Pray that our country will turn against its perversions because it destroys the good while excusing the evil. Only the truth will ever set us free.

Friday, November 6, 2009

If My People

Or what man is there of you, whom if his son ask bread, will he give him a stone? Or if he ask a fish, will he give him a serpent? If ye then, being evil, know how to give good gifts unto your children, how much more shall your Father which is in heaven give good things to them that ask him? Matthew 7:9-11
Sometimes we feel like our Father has given us a stone, or even a serpent. We stand there with heavy hearts explaining to Him how much it resembles a stone.
But rest assured, it is bread, no matter what it looks like at that moment. Even our worst disappointments at least bring good with them and often turn out better that what we requested in the first place. With 20-20 hindsight we can thank God that He didn't answer the way we expected. And occasionally, we have to wait until heaven to get the whole picture and really understand that it was bread and not a stone or a serpent. But, every time we ask for bread, our Father gives it to us.

Blog Posting to Be Light

Or, more probably, non-existent, while I visit with my daughter and grandchildren this week-end. There's much to discuss, but family always comes first.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

If My People

See, I have taught you decrees and laws as the LORD my God commanded me, so that you may follow them in the land you are entering to take possession of it. Observe them carefully, for this will show your wisdom and understanding to the nations, who will hear about all these decrees and say, "Surely this great nation is a wise and understanding people." Deuteronomy 4:5-6
Too many people think of Biblical standards as being out-dated, overly restrictive, or applicable only to individuals. However, nations built on Judeo-Christian principles have prospered both financially and intellectually while also providing personal freedom since Moses led the ragtag band of ex slaves out of Egypt into the Promised Land.

Even today, as social scientists have verified, those who try to apply Biblical principles to their own lives turn out to be happier and more productive than the nihilists or the hedonists. While avoiding manipulation or coercion, Christians need to show our decadent culture the rewards of godly lives. Are we causing our neighbors to say that we are "wise and understanding people?"

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

If My People

Then he said to them, “Go your way, eat the fat, drink the sweet, and send portions to those for whom nothing is prepared; for this day is holy to our Lord. Do not sorrow, for the joy of the LORD is your strength.”
So the Levites quieted all the people, saying, “Be still, for the day is holy; do not be grieved.” And all the people went their way to eat and drink, to send portions and rejoice greatly, because they understood the words that were declared to them. Nehemiah 8:10-12
Today's reading reminds us that there is a rhythm in a Godly life -- a time for fasting and a time for celebrating. We have been fasting and praying for our country about 40 days, but now is the time to stop that emphasis and spend our time praising God and thanking Him for answered prayer.

In the verse above Nehemiah, Ezra, and the Levites comforted the people who had been fasting and repenting of their sins with great sadness. They insisted that everyone should now eat the best parts of the meat and even to send portions to those who had not participated in their acts of penance and prayer. God is so gracious that He sends blessings to everyone if only a small portion of people pray and seek His face. God is not a stingy curmudgeon. He loves us all. And our prayers do more good for more people than we can imagine.

What Have We Become?

Some of us have been fretting over the growth of crime and the abuse of children for years. Everytime we mentioned our concerns, we were reminded that such things have always existed and it's only because of the mass media that we think it happens more often now. References to the unlocked doors of our childhood, the freedom to play all over town without parents nervously hovering nearby, and the keys left in the ignition so they wouldn't be lost, have been generally ignored.

Today, Robin of Berkeley has a great article that explores the collapsing social mores in The Sociopathic Epidemic with the insight of a psychotherapist. Take time to read about the intertwining modern prophets of the 20th Century: Ayn Rand (novelist), Freidrich Hayek (economist), and Jules Feiffer, (cartoonist). You will be enriched and enlightened.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009


Most Americans have opposed the TARP program under Bush and the subsequent big spending bills that were passed under Obama. Somehow, without knowing the details, we've had this gut feeling that we were being hoodwinked. At first we only worried about the secrecy surrounding the problem, the bills, and about the distribution of the money.

Later we began to read investment newsletters and financial blogs that spoke of the perpetrators (primarily Paulson, Bernanke, and Geithner) as participants in a massive fraud program that paid off their buddies at the big banks, especially Goldman Sachs, while bleeding the taxpayers.

I didn't know any real details until I saw this article last week at, New York Fed’s Secret Choice to Pay for Swaps Hits Taxpayers. I suggest you read it to at least discover Stephen Friedman's conflicts of interest as board member of Goldman Sachs and former chairman of the board of the NY Federal Reserve and his personal profit of $5,400,000 on the Goldman Sachs stocks he bought in a, ahem, timely manner.

On a similar note, but easier to digest, is this video from MSNBC: "Banks Have Taken Over The Government And Made Taxpayers Slaves To Bank-Run Gambling Casinos"

If My People

On the way where I shall walk they have hidden a snare to entrap me. Look on my right and see: there is no one who takes my part. I have no means of escape, not one who cares for my soul.

I cry to you, O Lord. I have said: "You are my refuge, all I have left in the land of the living. Listen, then, to my cry for I am in the depths of distress. Rescue me from those who pursue me for they are stronger than I. Bring my soul out of this prison and then I shall praise your name." Psalm 142:3B-7A
Individually, none of us has a lot of power on election day. We may have little or nothing to contribute financially to worthy office seekers; lack of time and energy usually constricts our ability to work in the campaign office; each person has only have one vote. But we do have prayer, the spiritual nuclear weapon of all time. Let us fervently pray for every precinct -- that there would be no voter fraud or intimidation. May everyone vote according to the will of God. And may every vote be counted honestly.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Chart of The Day

Here is a handy chart from Michelle Malkin about some of the less savory organizations that participated in Obama'a ascension to the presidency and that are now raking in tax dollars through grants. Take note because these names appear repeatedly in news stories, but their association with Obama, ACORN and SEIU is always ignored or whitewashed. Do not be fooled.

In the center is the Tides Foundation which funnels money to all of them. Many donors who want to avoid negative publicity, contribute to the Tides Foundation with the stipulation that it be given to their favorite organization. Tides acts as a trusted accountant, carefully keeping the books and keeping the secrets.

If My People

Paul and Barnabas appointed elders for them in each church and, with prayer and fasting, committed them to the Lord, in whom they had put their trust. Acts 14:23
If the great Paul and Barnabas needed to fast and pray before selecting church leaders, then we 21st Century Christians certainly should do the same when voting for political leaders in the US. We do not want a church run by the state or a state run by a church, but we do need leaders who will make wise decisions for all, not just for their own personal gain. Since none of us know what is really in the heart of any person other than ourselves and since we have no control over vote counting procedures, we must rely on Divine help. Pray today and tomorrow for elections at every level. We must start the job of turning our ship of state around to a better direction.

Time to Reboot

Ever so often, even my fabulous MacBook needs to be rebooted just to set everything straight again. And my fabulous country needs a reboot too.

We have become so used to dishonest politicians and shady deals, that we've forgotten what it was like before politics became a career path to accumulating great wealth, before tax cheats continued to hold their office despite exposure, and before our public servants rammed budget breaking bills through the legislative process without even reading them. We have forgotten what the standards of conduct for politicians should be.

Just 57 years ago we had a president who was basically honest, no matter what his other faults were. From now on we must change our thinking and our culture to demand a similar attitude in those we elect to serve us.

The following is from an email my favorite uncle, a WWII veteran, sent me.

Harry Truman: Harry Truman was a different kind of President. He probably made as many, or more important decisions regarding our nation's history as any of the other 32 Presidents preceding him. However, a measure of his greatness may rest on what he did after he left the White House.

The only asset he had when he died was the house he lived in, which was in Independence Missouri. His wife had inherited the house from her mother and father and other than their years in the White House, they lived their entire lives there.

When he retired from office in 1952, his income was a U.S. Army pension reported to have been $13,507.72 a year. Congress, noting that he was paying for his stamps and personally licking them, granted him an 'allowance' and, later, a retroactive pension of $25,000 per year.

After President Eisenhower was inaugurated, Harry and Bess drove home to Missouri by themselves. There was no Secret Service following them.

When offered corporate positions at large salaries, he declined, stating, "You don't want me. You want the office of the President, and that doesn't belong to me. It belongs to the American people and it's not for sale."

Even later, on May 6, 1971, when Congress was preparing to award him the Medal of Honor on his 87th birthday, he refused to accept it, writing, "I don't consider that I have done anything which should be the reason for any award, Congressional or otherwise."

As president he paid for all of his own travel expenses and food.

Modern politicians have found a new level of success in cashing in on the Presidency, resulting in untold wealth. Today, many in Congress also have found a way to become quite wealthy while enjoying the fruits of their offices. Political offices are now for sale. (sic. Illinois )

Good old Harry Truman was correct when he observed, "My choices in life were either to be a piano player in a whore house or a politician. And to tell the truth, there's hardly any difference!

How The Mighty Have Fallen!

Considering that the Main Stream Media continue to act as a branch of Obama's public relations committee, this chart from Rasmussen Polls is amazing.