Monday, December 21, 2009

They HAVE to Go!

There are no words, not even profane ones, that adequately describe the digust and revulsion I feel about the senators who just voted to ruin our entire healthcare system and in the process to destroy many freedoms that we take for granted. In the name of "saving the economy" they have loaded the unconstitutional bill with pork (to buy the senators' votes) and mandates that the CBO estimates to cost us an additional $2,500,000,000,000. And remember that Congressional Budget Office projections ALWAYS are low; Medicare expenses quickly exceeded their original estimate by a factor of 19.

Our politicians had already put us and our children into debt, now our unborn grandchildren and great grandchildren will be born owing money to our government or to the Chinese. And the stalwart American people will suffer and die sooner because healthcare will be rationed and innovation will wither away under bureacratic control.

The following list of senators are Democrats from conservative states who voted for the bill. We must see to it through encouragement and donations to conservative candidates who can oppose them and by votes if we live in their states, that they lose their seats in the next election.

In 2010, target:
Arkansas - Senator Lincoln
North Dakota - Senator Dorgan

In 2012, target:
Missouri - Senator McCaskill
Montana - Senator Tester
Nebraska - Senator Nelson
North Dakota - Senator Conrad
West Virginia - Senator Byrd

In 2014, target:
Alaska - Senator Begich
Arkansas - Senator Pryor
Louisiana - Senator Landrieu
Montana - Senator Baucus
South Dakota - Senator Johnson
West Virginia - Senator Rockefeller

In the meantime, we must work against ACORN and all of its affiliates, or we'll never have honest elections again.

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