Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Good News and Bad News

I have not quit my infamous blogging career - I've just been hindered by a sick computer and a sick body.

The bad news is my trusty laptop needed a new optical drive on Saturday and then another new one on Sunday. Then the Apple card quit working properly to allow access to the Internet.

The good news is after two days of repair work, the good folks at Apple agreed to give me a new MacBook Pro despite the fact that the guarantee expired months ago because this old one has caused so much trouble. I'm to limp along for a couple more weeks until the new one arrives. Then we'll trade the old tired one for a brand new one for free. Yeah for Apple!

Now, if I could just trade in this old body for a new one...... Or just get to feeling a little bit better. But then again, I'm lucky to be alive and vertical most of the time.

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