Tuesday, November 17, 2009

A Head Start on Health Care

The Progressives tipped their hand this week regarding the future quality of health care when they made the grand pronouncement that women should not have routine mammograms until after the age of fifty. Their soothing sales talk assured the public that earlier mammograms merely lead to a lot of unneccessary biopsies and anxiety. Postponing the tests will still result in discovery of 81% of the breast cancers.

Are those other 19% of women with breast cancer not worthy of treatment?

Currently one woman in eight will have breast cancer, many of them in their thirties and forties. Early detection saved my life with breast cancer, ocular melanoma, colon cancer, and breast cancer metastasis to the lung. And I personally can add innumerable cancer patients to the same list where early detection saved lives.

Postponing mammograms will save the bureaucrats some time and effort and it will surely cut health care costs, but it will kill a lot of women before their time. It has nothing to do with real reform in the area of health care.

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