Saturday, April 10, 2010

Now I'm Really Suspicious

According to CNN, the Polish plane that crashed last night had just been thoroughly refurbished in 2009. The company that did the repairs even included 6 years worth of extra spare parts when doing their jobs. And the insult added to injury is that Putin put himself in charge of the investigation of the accident.

The people on board were on their way to a memorial service for the 22,000 members of the Polish army killed by the Soviets.

Not mentioned in the news story or any other one I've read, but in a comment below it is the following from Desert Voice:
A drama like this the world has not seen! Poland is left without the entire Command of the Army! The Commander-in Chief, Gen. Franciszek Gągor, is dead, The Commander of the Infantry, Gen. Tadeusz Buk, is dead, the Commander of the Navy, Vice-Admiral Andrzej Karweta, is dead, the Commander of the Special Forces, Gen. Włodzimierz Potasiński, is dead, the Chief of the Field Operations of the Army, Gen. Bronisław Kwiatkowski, is dead, the Commander of the Air Force, Gen. Andrzej Błasik, is dead, the Vice-Minister of National Defense, Stanisław Komorowski, is dead, even the Chaplain of the Army, Bishop Gen. Tadeusz Płoski, is dead. In one moment, the whole Poland was deprived of the entire Command of the Armed Forces! Such thing has never been seen in the world! But the People and the Madonna of Częstochowa remain, ready to defend Poland! Long Live Poland!

Please pray for the brave people of Poland.

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