Monday, April 19, 2010

Rev Up Your Engines Updated

Monday reading for concerned American citizens:

1. A cheery way to brighten your Monday morning would be to read the clever "Why I Vote Democratic" at Brutally Honest.

2.This administration and its public relations agents, a.k. mass media, apparently have no clue when it comes to economics. Every single report comes with a variation of the word "unexpected." In last Friday's dump of unpleasant news, Geithner says economy growing faster than expected. In light of the fact most people have not yet discerned any real growth, one wonders exactly what they were expecting.

3. Finally, some real coverage of the beating of 2 young Republicans in New Orleans after the Southern Republican Leadership Conference. The girl is still in the hospital after surgery to repair broken leg; the boy had a broken jaw. PowerLine links the attack to Democratic party. Big Government gives details of the attack and the injuries suffered. Mass media is too busy claiming that Tea Partiers are neo Klan members to notice that only real violence has come from Democrats in Pittsburg, St. Louis, and New Orleans.

4. The Catholic Church gets support from an unlikely source - a Jewish businessman in Cleveland. Refreshing to see that someone outside of the Church recognizes the recent attacks on Catholics and the Pope are based on prejudice, not facts. There have been point by point refutations of the instances when outright lies were told and when relevant facts were omitted on these stories dealing with decades old stories. But this man puts it all in perspective and looks at the big picture instead.

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