Friday, March 20, 2009

If It Moves, Tax It

That was a great line in one of Reagan's speeches. But apparently the ever greedy tax-and-spenders decided it's a great idea and proposed the mileage tax. They aren't getting enough money from the gas tax because we're driving more fuel efficient cars and driving less because of the cost of gas. Never mind that both state and federal governments have pushed these concepts relentlessly for years. So now, they want to track how much you drive and tax you by mileage. I'm fairly certain that the gas tax will remain in place also.

First Obama's transportation Secretary, Ray LaHood, brought it up to howls of protest from consumers. He relented, at least temporarily, but now Republican Governor Pawlenty is studying the possibility for Minnesota. He is even considering tracking drivers by satellite to avoid the possibility of turning odometers backward.

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