Friday, March 27, 2009

The Micro Managers Are Here!

The natives are restless, joblessness soars, and opposing groups of citizen activists pop up in every county, while Washington continues to demand more power – to help people, of course. The moves range from the ridiculous to the frightening.

The august Senate Judiciary Committee has solved so many problems that they have nothing better to do than try to change the way college football bowl contenders are chosen.

In his Internet Town Hall meeting, Obama gaily told a questioner from Georgia that he will provide more jobs for Americans by having people come into our homes to regulate our thermostats. He really seems to have a thing about thermostats since he warned us during the campaign that we should not wantonly demand to keep our houses at 72°. Of course he chooses to keep the White House so much warmer that men working there had to remove their suit jackets during a frigid winter storm.

The same administration that reneged on contractual bonuses decided to cap salaries for all companies that accept money from the government bailout system. And then they “mentioned” that all executive salaries should be capped during the economic crisis. Hmmm, did we ask for this?

Yesterday the best-known cabinet member, Timothy Geithner, suggested that he “needed” the power to take over more companies. He didn’t even consider that to be a radical move when questioned by Rep. Manzullo (R. IL). Let’s see: the primary purpose of the federal government is to protect our country. At the moment, our borders are porous, foreign drug war lords brazenly make Phoenix, Arizona the kidnap capital of the world, and who knows what radical terrorists are planning, but the feds believe they have enough savvy to run our businesses too.

Geithner also airily agreed to consider dropping the dollar in favor of another currency, as China has requested. Of course leaders in nearly every other country on earth had heart attacks at the mere suggestion, not the mention the increased anxiety in America. On the other hand, a UN economic panel praised the concept.

Although, Obama can’t seem to find worthy candidates to fill his cabinet and sub-cabinet posts, he has appointed a slew of czars who do not need confirmation by the Senate or oversight by Congress. They include Energy Czar, Tech Czar, Intelligence Czar, Climate Change Czar, Urban Affairs Czar, Economic Czar, Health Czar, and Chief Performance Czar. Even the venerable Democrat, Sen. Byrd, got upset over that power grab for the executive branch.

But not to worry, Obama also has time to “reform” our education and our health care systems whether we want it or not. Not surprisingly, his “reform” always means more federal involvement and less individual freedom.

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