Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Do As I Say, Not As I Do

While Obama remains unapologetic about serving $100 per pound steak at weekly White House parties, sending Air Force One to buzz the Statue of Liberty in order to create publicity photos, and flying to New York City for a date night, he believes that business executives should restrict their use of private jets, fore go refurbishing their offices, and quit sponsoring corporate functions to woo clients.

And after running up the debt to frightening heights in his first four months of office, he had decided to come out in favor of “pay as you go” in relation to future spending bills. By publicly adopting a “conservative” stance, he hopes to defuse the rising fears about his spending policies.

“Entitlement increases and tax cuts need to be paid for. They are not free. . . . The reckless fiscal policies of the past* have left us in a very deep hole. Digging our way out will take time and patience and tough choices."

The easy translation of his new mantra is that taxes will definitely increase despite his oft repeated campaign promise that 95% of Americans would pay no new taxes. Front Page Magazine has an article about his new found penury as does Reuters.

*Almost certainly a reference to his favorite whipping boy, George Bush, not to his own decisions.

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