Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Notice A Pattern Here?

• 2008 – Numerous challenges and lawsuits arose involving ACORN’s fraudulent registration of voters. Undeterred, ACORN personnel continued working even after the discovery they had registered the same person 75 times, a fast food restaurant, the entire Dallas Cowboy football team, and numerous dead people, among other blatant examples. Check out old ACORN posts if you want to refresh your memory about the group.

• 2009 – Obama moves control/supervision of the 2010 census to the White House and hires ACORN to take care of personnel needed to perform the task of tabulating results in spite of indictments against them in at least 12 states. He also gives the group billions of dollars in the “Stimulus” and Omnibus bills.

• May 2009 – US Attorney General Eric Holder drops a voter intimidation lawsuit against the New Black Panthers that the US had already won by default, thus encouraging voter intimidation in future elections, as I reported here.

• June 2009 – The US Department of Justice ignored the Tenth Amendment and rejected a program designed by the Georgia Secretary of State to comb through state databases to detect ineligible voters who may not be U.S. citizens, calling it both inaccurate and discriminatory. Karen Handel, who designed the program, intended to verify social security numbers of registrants through the social security department.

The enormity of possible voter fraud in future elections makes the old Chicago Rule of “Vote early and vote often” seem like mere child’s play.

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