Friday, June 19, 2009

Until June 30 . . .

This will be my last day to blog until after my daughter's wedding (and after the last guest leaves). In the intervening 10 days, please check out Sigmund, Carl, and Alfred every day for the great cartoons.

I also highly recommend because of the number and variety of news items posted there every day.

Until we meet online again, keep on the lookout for information on health care "reform." If any of the Democratic versions pass, our country will be unalterably changed for the worse both in regard to quality of medical care and to a dramatic loss of personal freedoms.

The other big problem to keep in the forefront is ACORN. If that organization is not stopped before November 2010, we will lose the possibility of honest elections with all the fraudulent registration forms, illegal votes, and voter intimidation that have been associated with them.

When I return on June 30, blog entries will not be posted until late afternoon. During the hot weather, I really need the cool morning hours to work in the yard and walk my big dog, Wrinkles. (Brutus, the Chihuahua, thinks having to go for a walk is cruel and unusual punishment.)

In the mean time, God bless you, and God bless the USA.

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