Thursday, June 11, 2009

Stop Government Health Care!

In the last few months, Americans have stood by helplessly as the federal government has taken over the financial industry, the insurance industry, and the automobile industry while spending money so fast that one would think they wanted to destroy our economy. Despite pleas, emails, phone calls, and Tea Party protests to the contrary, the juggernaut has continued to roll on.

The current craze by the Clowns in Washington is "health care for all" which, no matter how it's structured, always ends up being Rationed Health Care. There is ample, recent, empirical evidence of this in other countries that now regret their decisions.

Karl Rove, in today's Wall Street Journal, gives five ways to stop *socialized medicine. Once it is written into law, even as "only" government insurance, it will become almost impossible to change and we will ruin the best (although flawed) health care system in the world.
1. Government insurance for health care is unneccessary. The 1300 insurance companies that now provide health coverage can take care of the needs.
2. Government insurance will only enlarge the subsidies that taxpayers are forced to pay to hospitals. Right now, insured families pay about $1,800 per year to subsidize the legitimate costs that Medicare and Medicaid refuse to cover.
3. Government insurance will force private insurance companies out of business and thus create a single health care system.
4. Government insurance will prove to be far more expensive than the most generous estimates today. We're already hopelessly in debt for at least three generations. We absolutely cannot afford to add to it.
5. It puts government bureaucrats between patients and their physicians. Anyone who's had to fight with their insurance company for coverage, can just multiply that fight by about 100 to get an idea of what patients will be up against. We will have life threatening rationing just like Canada and England experience now.

*Once again, the politicians hide their actions by their choice of words. In this case, "socialized medicine" is never mentioned. It's always government insurance or some other sleight of hand term.

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