Thursday, June 18, 2009

Obama Speeches

While the media continue to swoon over Obama's speeches and press conferences, I find them rather dull. His speech pattern is totally predictable with the inevitable pause as he turns his head from one teleprompter to the other. The timbre of his voice seems condescending, as if he were trying to explain physics to unruly six year olds. And the practiced professorial tone grates on my ears.

But the content is even more predictable:
1. He faces a problem through no fault of his own. The implication is either that Bush did it or it's been happening for decades.
2. He alone has the answer to the problem and somehow his answer always involves giving more power to the federal government and spending more money that we don't have.
3. The problem is so devastating that it must be handled IMMEDIATELY by forcing a new bill through Congress so he can sign it tomorrow, if possible.

His refusal to allow time for honest debate about important issues merely indicates the extreme poverty of his ideas and plans. Good ideas are worth discussion and only increase in value through honest debate. In fact, if his main goal were to destroy our once great country, I hardly know of anything he could do differently than he's already done in the first 150 days of his presidency.

Read American's for Tax Reform for a thorough recounting of his tenure in Taxpayer Timeline of Obama's First 150 Days.

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