Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Government of, by, and for the Czars, Part II

Finally, I have a more complete list of Obama’s Czars as of July 15. I have read, but not verified, that each one was hired at $172,000 per year. No one seems to know about the cost of their office staffs, rent, and equipment. Nor do they know where their offices are located or how to contact them. But what really should concern citizens is the fact that these appointees will be fashioning regulations that will control our lives, but they are answerable to no one except President Obama. Neither the voters nor their representatives have any input into their selection or oversight.

In an effort to counteract Obama’s moves, Jack Kingston (R GA) introduced the Czar Accountability and Reform Act (CZAR) in the House last Thursday. It would prohibit the use of government funds to pay the salaries and expenses of the czars or their staffs. The question is whether Nancy Pelosi will even allow it to reach the floor for a vote.

Af-Pak - Richard Holbrooke
AIDS - Jeffrey Crowley
Border - Alan Bersin
Car - Ron Bloom
Climate - Todd Stern
Copyright - Not yet named
Cybersecurity - Not yet named
Domestic Violence - Lynn Rosenthal
Drug - Gil Kerlikowske
Economic - Paul Volcker
Education - Not yet named
Energy - Carol Browner
Executive Pay Rate - Kenneth Feinberg
Faith Based - Joshua DuBois
Great Lakes - Cameron Davis
Green Jobs - Van Jones
Guantamano Closure - Daniel Fried
Health Reform - Nancy Ann DeParle
Info Tech - Vivek Kundra
Iran - Not yet named
Mideast Peace - George Mitchell
Mortgage - Not yet named
Persian Gulf and Southwest Asia - Dennis Ross
Regulatory - Cass Sunstein
Safe Schools - Kevin Jennings
Science - John Holdren
Stimulus Accountability - Earl Devaney
Sudan - J. Scott Gration
TARP - Herb Allison
Technology - Aneesh Chopra
Terrorism - John Brennan
Urban Affairs - Adolfo Carrion, Jr.
Weapons - Ashton Carter
Weapons Mass Destruction - Gary Samore

Previously, I mention a couple of things about the science czar, John Holdren. Go to A Czar Too Far to if you wish to read more about him.

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