Monday, July 20, 2009

Texas VS California

Way back in September, Nelson Guirado of Assymetric provided an excellent analysis of the current status of California and Texas. This is important now because California has been following the liberal program on taxes, the environment, and social services for years, while Texas has implemented more conservative laws and programs.

Here are Guirado’s highlights (remember these are figures from the middle of September):
1. Education results (with similar ethnic groups): Texas ranks 25th while California lags behind at 47th.
2. Unemployment in Texas is 4.3%, but in California, it’s 7.3%.
3. Taxes: Texas has the third lowest rate among the states while California is ranked eighth highest.
4. Deficits: California has a deficit of $15, 000,000,000 while Texas has a surplus.

From what I’ve observed since January 20, Obama and the Democrat Congress are rushing headlong to emulate or overtake California’s programs. Why? We have a proven life lesson right before our eyes.

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