Tuesday, July 28, 2009

The Inmates Are Running the Asylum or The Truth Shall Set You Free*

The relationship of truth to freedom has been known for so long that it is warp and weft of human existence. Whether or not one believes in God and whether or not one always tells the truth to others, everyone believes freedom lies in knowing the truth and working within the framework of reality, at least for himself.

As James Lewis, in “Indulging Craziness,” reminded us last Sunday, psychiatrists and therapists know that crazy patients will never improve if those around him accept his warped view of reality. Indulging in a flawed version of reality makes the patient and, eventually, those around him crazier than ever. For the last half century, American society has cosseted those with grievances until our ability to function is almost permanently crippled. We have acted like indulgent parents who allow their miscreant children to ignore reality until they terrorize the whole neighborhood instead of growing up to become assets to the community.

At first, many questioned their victim status, but churches, YMCA’s, and other groups began conducting “consciousness raising” workshops to teach different groups just how oppressed they were. It is now part of the curricula from kindergarten to graduate school.

As a result, entire groups of people, including our current President and most Congressional Clowns, know nothing of the generosity and bravery exhibited throughout American history as compared to other nations, but they can speak at length on a moment’s notice about every flaw and misstep of the last 234 years.

Thus, we just had the sad experience of watching a noted Harvard scholar screech “racial profiling” when a patrolman merely checked on the possibility of burglary at his home because of a neighbor’s call. We cringed when Obama insisted on taking sides without checking on the facts. And we suffered with an innocent policeman who was brave enough to answer the call without knowing what he would encounter behind that front door.

Police brutality happens, and rightfully outrages everyone when it does. But it hasn’t happened enough for innocent citizens to cringe at the sight of a policeman or to refuse to offer identification when requested.

After decades of allowing the insanity of grievance politics to dominate the public square, we have begun to accept symbolic acts in lieu of real, honest change by “perpetrators” or their “victims.” It has encouraged the festering of grievances, like cancerous tumors poisoning the whole body.

For example, many Americans believed last November if they did the symbolic act of voting for Obama, it would erase racial tensions in the United States. Instead, we just witnessed a wealthy, influential black professor yelling insane accusation to a while police officer in a town run by a black mayor, in a state with a black governor, while his black president agreed with his crazy accusations.
“The ultimate result of shielding men from the effects of folly is to fill the world with fools.” Herbert Spencer
It's time to grow up, forgive our enemies, and insist on facing the truth in every situation, not feel good platitudes or ill founded accusations.

*St. John 8:32

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