Wednesday, July 15, 2009

The "Health Care" Proposal

Americans for Tax Reform has a link to download the proposal the House will be considering and voting on before the August recess. Since we can't depend on the Congressional Clowns to read it, we should. According to ATR, the bill includes:
* insurance mandates for both individuals and businesses
* an excise tax on health insurance
* steps towards full double-taxing of corporate income earned abroad
* a new surtax on small businesses and high income earners
Please read all 1018 pages (that's over two reams of paper) and then let everyone know what is in there. We can not continue to let these clowns act so shamefully with legislation. And, when you contact your Clown, try to make him agree to sign up for the government program if he votes for it.

On a related note, Friday, July 17 from 12 to 1, go to the local office of your Congressional Clowns to protest this travesty as part of the Tea Party Protest. If you think you don't have time, remember that freedom is not free; it demands citizen involvement. If we ask our finest young men and women to protect us in the military, then those of us at home must do our part politically.

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