Friday, July 24, 2009

What Do Physicians Think?

Of the 15 Congressional Clowns who are also physicians, 12 are opposed to Obamacare:*
Senators Barasso (R, WY) and Coburn (R,OK)
Boustany (R, La.)
Broun (R, Ga.)
Burgess, (R, TX)
Cassidy (R, LA)
Fleming (R, LA)
Gingrey, MD (R, GA)
Griffith (D, AL)
Paul (R, TX)
Price (R, GA)
Roe (R, TN)

One, a Blue Dog Democrat from Arkansas, Rep. Vic Snyder, appears to still be hedging his bets.

The other two are also House Democrats: Steve Kagen from Wisconsin and Jim McDermott, a psychiatrist from Washington who has never been in private practice. Both are committed to liberal causes.

More and more Americans are saying okay to health care ONLY if all of the DC Clowns give up their health care provisions and submit to the plan they are trying to force on the rest of us. Or, as a friend of mine suggested: let them devise a bill and try it out for about 10 years, then when they get the kinks worked out, let us unwashed masses into it.

Meanwhile, please take note that no one in favor of the bill is defending it specifically. From Obama on down, arguments center on emotions and generalities. They’re selling us something they firmly believe we need whether we want it or not. But increasingly, voters feel like they’re selling a “pig in a poke.” On the other hand, those who oppose the bill state specific items found in the bill and explain the effect those provisions will have. That observation itself should stop the bill in its tracks.

*Some look at this list with disdain because the physicians are all from the South and West, as if no one in these states knows how to think and their ideas are therefore specious at best.

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