Friday, February 19, 2010

Droughts and Global Warming

USA Today reported in June 2007, "Dry episodes have become so persistent in the West that some scientists and water managers say drought is the "new normal" there. Reinforcing that notion are global-warming projections warning of more and deeper dry spells in the Southwest . . ."

Later, those of us who live in the Southeast, Atlanta to be specific, were warned that we must get used to permanent water shortages, dig up our common Southern bushes, and plant only drought tolerant plants. At the same time, more stringent watering rules were put into effect that only permitted watering three days a week before ten a.m. if the homeowner held the hose in hand - no sprinklers allowed.

The rains came in 2009 - enough to cause September flooding nearby - and to fill lakes, streams and underwater aquifers in most of the country. Last week USA Today admitted, "the nationwide drought that had farmers, communities and entire states fighting to conserve water has reversed in the most dramatic turnaround since federal scientists began keeping records."

No mention was made about global warming this time. Hmmmm. I guess it has nothing to do with wet or normal climates (not weather), just dry ones. Or, are they admitting that man made global warming is an unproven theory, not settled science?

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