Friday, February 26, 2010

So Much for Insurance Profits

Lamar Alexander: "Now, some say we need to rein in the insurance companies -- maybe we do -- but I think it's important to note that if we took all the profits of the insurance companies, the health insurance companies entirely away, every single penny of it, we could pay for two days of the health insurance of Americans, that would leave 363 days with costs that are too high."

It's hard to see how Obama can continue to demonize the insurance industry as a major factor in rising health care costs after yesterday's "Summit on Health Care." Of course, he and the Democrats are fast becoming experts at ignoring the obvious.

They studiously avoid mentioning the impact of trial lawyers and frivolous lawsuits on costs. Even more important, they avoid even considering the impact of the stupid laws and regulations they themselves have burdened the American people with since WWII. They even disregard common sense reality that adding layers of bureaucracy not only increases costs, it also decreases effectiveness.

Obviously, saving money on healthcare to benefit the citizens of the United States is not their goal. Like the faux concern for the environment, it's a method of gaining additional control.

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