Monday, February 22, 2010

Stolen Votes

I've only seen this one story about a Democrat precinct worker testifying that she stole more then 100 votes during the 2006 primary election in Kentucky. Yet, she explained in open court that the chief election officer in the county told her how to do it.

According to Wanda White, the thievery was easy. Just distract the voter before they finished, change their selections, and then pull the lever for the voter. She was also instructed to accompany people who had sold their votes into the private booth to make sure they voted for the people who paid them. Buying votes was so common that politicians banded together to buy votes for the whole group, instead of paying less money for individual votes.

Where's the outrage by the mass media? Where are the follow-up stories? Why has this only been in a local paper, The Lexington Herald-Leader and Sweetness and Light? How many other counties and states have even more voting corruption? I seem to remember barrels of ink and trainloads of paper being spent in the 2000 election when Bush was accused of stealing an election in Florida. Why is everyone silent about Democrat vote stealing techniques?

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