Thursday, February 18, 2010

Environmentalists Are Dangerous

Rachel Carson, revered by many as a saint of the environmental movement, is responsible for more deaths of innocents than Stalin, Hitler, Pol Pot and other twentieth century pikers put together. As a result of her book, Silent Spring, sixty million people have died from malaria.

For forty eight years, the Mass Media, the education establishment, and other cultural leaders have consistently ignored or ridiculed those who questioned the world wide ban on DDT. Those critics have complained since the book was published that Carson manipulated the data and made wildly exaggerated claims. However, to date, the ban still stands while the body count continues to mount.

Doctor Zero has a post summarizing the details at The Green Death. He also includes information on other deaths caused by radical environmentalists. The radical Green Movement not only kills economies, it kills people too. It's time we demanded truth and transparency from these groups before allowing them any more power or influence.

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