Friday, May 15, 2009

By What Authority?

What law authorizes the federal government to get GPS coordinates for the front door of every house in the US. Already two of my relatives, living in fairly remote small towns have been visited by agents doing just this. In view of the fact that Google already offers satellite pictures of every house on the street, why the need for GPS coordinates in addition?

The 140,000 workers hired with “stimulus” money say they are doing it in preparation for the 2010 census – to make it more accurate. In reality it does nothing of the kind, according to Douglas Gibbs, but it does make it easier to monitor citizens, if desired. When was the public debate about this? When did we come to an agreement about the need for it in spite of privacy concerns? Or are we only supposed to be concerned about privacy rights when Republicans control the White House?

The fact that ACORN is supplying and overseeing most of these workers and Rahm Emmanuel is directing the census from inside the White House does not make me feel any better about it. And I never trust government decisions/actions done in secret or in haste. Read more at this link.

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