Thursday, May 14, 2009

Obama Sends Email Asking for Help with Health Care

Yesterday I received an email on simulated Presidential stationery from President Obama requesting that I help spread the word about Obama’s “innovative ways to reduce health care costs.”

I will be glad to help offer ideas about reducing health care costs, but they are directly opposite Obama’s suggestions. He sees increased government control as the answer to all problems; I see increased government control as the problem in all situations.

In the area of socialized medicine, now referred to as “one payer solution” to avoid well established negative reactions to the term, “socialized medicine,” there are no situations where it has worked out well even though it has been tried in numerous countries. None. It always costs more than expected and it always results in rationing of benefits. Those who think we’ll have the same good medicine practiced today at little or no cost to themselves are naïve to the point of stupidity.

In last month’s Imprimus, John Goodman wrote of several possibilities for improving our delivery of health care while cutting costs by eliminating government interference. Go here to read his insightful suggestions, and then pass some of them along to your Congressional Clowns in the most persuasive language you can muster.

Interference by Congress in the delivery of health care got us into this mess and only by reducing their interference will get us out of it. Go here to read more of my articles on it.

Please remind everyone you meet that no one in America is denied health care because they can’t pay. For years, I helped a hospital raise funds to cover costs for indigent patients who had NOT been turned away. I don’t know of any hospital that does not treat the patient first.

Also keep in mind that the figure of 46,000,000 uninsured Americans is exaggerated at best.
1. First of all, it includes many illegal aliens who are NOT Americans. (And even they are not turned away. Just check the financial records of any hospital in a town near a US border.)
2. Second it includes a lot of young people who CHOOSE not to buy insurance because they want to get a new house and car first.
3. And third, for those uninsured people who are left, there is always a way to work it out should any of them suffer a catastrophic illness. Both the hospital and I survived my treatment for breast cancer that included three surgeries without insurance when I was unemployed. It took awhile, but we worked it out.
4. There are several other answers to health care costs that only require a change in IRS regulations or a brake on medical malpractice awards to ease the situation. As Herman Cain has pointed out, Obama's "solution" is like tearing off your whole roof and rebuilding it when all you need to do is fix a small leak.

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