Friday, May 1, 2009

To Be or Not To Be Frightened of The Flu

It is difficult to discern what to make of the current Swine Flu crisis. On the one hand the WHO declares it a Level 5 Pandemic, Biden and Pelosi offer frightening precautions for their own families, and the news media regurgitate warnings and dire predictions at every opportunity. On the other hand, there is a growing distrust of the news media and the public health officials who seem to perennially cry that the sky is falling.

Yesterday, The San Antonio Lightning paper published a leaked private email from a New Braufels ER doctor warning his family that everything is much worse than the public realizes, despite that fact that the number of deaths has not risen as dramatically as expected. According to the physician, this strain of flu is particularly pernicious because the virus is infectious for about two days before the person experiences any symptoms and for about seven days after onset. He also states that there are 10 to 25 cases of swine flu for every case actually reported due to the delay in confirmation from health authorities.

Since supplies of Tamiflu and Relenza are short, he makes the practical suggestion that families stock up on homeopathic and natural remedies such as oscillococinum or N-Acetyl-Cysteine and take ordinary precautions like washing hands with soap frequently and avoiding crowded places.


Cyn M. said...

This swine flue pandemic is crazy. Zero (0) people have died who were not Mexican or from underdeveloped countries. And less than 60 people have died overall if I am not mistaken. Meanwhile, thousands of people die each year of plain ol' seasonal flu. The media, as usual, does not operate with any real facts or in reality. Biden and Pelosi should do this country a favor by never leaving their residences if he is this upset over swine flu. Our leaders just want us to panic over EVERYTHING so we don't focus on the real important things that they are trying to take away from Americans.

fairkaye said...

Thanks, Cynthia. I appreciate your comment and basically agree with you. However, sometimes my distrust of the government makes me wonder if these slips of the tongue are just Biden and Pelosi being true to themselves or if they're covering up something. At any rate, it's not a crisis now and I pray it doesn't mutate into one.