Thursday, May 7, 2009

The Unmentionable Epidemic

The CDC continues to warn Americans not to let their guard down because the Swine Flu virus might mutate and become more virulent and more deadly. They believe that complacency currently poses the biggest threat to public health. Today, 642 cases of swine flu have been confirmed.

Meanwhile the CDC and the media continue to ignore the epidemic of sexually transmitted diseases, some of which have no cure, afflicting one out of three American teenagers. To bring home this point, a student at ECU had her classmates line up in groups of three, then asked them to take note of the person on their left, then pay attention to the person on their right. Then she announced, “One of the three of you has an STD.”

The cultural elites have been promoting “safe” sex for teenagers for decades, insisting that young people have no more self-control than a dog in heat. Their main line of defense is to throw condoms at the problem while mouthing platitudes about sex education. If all else fails, they cheerfully prescribe an abortion. People who question the effectiveness of condoms are relegated to the back room stacks in the basement of the library, not permitted on the center stage of media coverage.

And after over 40 years of relentless public relations campaigns for casual sex, the result in our culture is that teenagers think nothing of sending pornographic pictures of themselves to all their friends. That leaves little hope that the epidemic of STD’s and ruined lives will end anytime soon.

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