Tuesday, May 12, 2009

I Don’t Understand, President Obama

I can’t begin to understand why Obama and his acolytes are making the moves that they are. It appears to me that they have an agenda to destroy our economy, our healthcare system, our education system, and our private lives. Every move that they’ve made so far and every plan they’ve discussed publicly seem to be exactly the wrong one – the one designed to cause the most harm, cost the most money, and provide the fewest benefits to the American people.

When, as a young adult, I encountered liberal utopians, I thought they were just misguided. Their plans sounded magnanimous, but when examined, were full of logical flaws and a gross misunderstanding of basic human nature. I sometimes felt overwhelmed when they pointed to Europe as being more enlightened and more equitable because those governments were continuing down the path toward increased government control.

But since the days of Margaret Thatcher, European countries have been slowly retreating from even democratic socialism because it never worked out as promised. It always failed and the average people in each country where it was tried have always suffered during the process. Europe seemed to be catching on that both individuals and society do better with fewer governmental controls.

In other words, Americans not only have logic, common sense, and psychology to support individual freedom over the nanny state, they now have the history of the 20th century to prove their points. So why, are our leaders pushing us down this path? What do they have to gain? Do they not realize that Utopia does not exist and never will?

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