Wednesday, August 12, 2009

It’s Not about Health Care

It really is about control.

If it were about health care, we would all know all of the glorious details of the proposed legislation. Supporters of Obama’s plan would extol its virtues every time they met a constituent or a microphone. But we’ve heard NOTHING about the specifics of the plan that might make it great legislation. Congressional Clowns are NOT rushing to the head of the line to sign up for its benevolent provisions. Instead of defending or promoting the bill, so far we have only heard about how evil/heartless/greedy/stupid its opponents are.

Ignoring the basic facts of medical care, physician specialties, and hospital expenses, Obama has repeatedly insisted that pediatricians and endocrinologists, not surgeons, perform surgeries and personally pocket all of the money involved. Apparently he thinks hospitals, nurses, equipment, etc. are free and the entire bill goes directly to the physician's bank account. Congressional Clowns are so incensed about the evil insurance companies trying to make a profit in spite of government regulations, that they’ve now changed the name to Insurance Reform instead of Healthcare Reform. The news media eagerly perform public relations work for the cause by portraying all the opponents as racists, mobsters, or neo Nazis. But no one praises plan specifics.

The details of the plan now known to the public contain troubling provisions that do more toward increasing government control over the citizens than toward increasing the quality or quantity of health care for citizens. For example, there is the much discussed required end of life counseling for all people over 65. Even if euthanasia is not discussed during these meetings, the very notion of required counseling with a government official, speaks more of control than of caring.

And there is the provision in sections 440 and 1904 in the House Bill for other government agents to come into homes to “teach” parents and prospective parents how to interact with their children. That such an idea would even be considered should terrify any thinking person. Read Chuck Norris’ column, if you’d like more information, but you already know that has NOTHING to do with helping some poor person pay his medical bills.

Then there is the small matter of universality. Even after 10 years of implementation (and untold amounts of money), around 17,000,000 people will still not be included in the program. Why are we going to all this trouble and expense for less than perfect results?

So what’s really going on? Nothing less than the biggest power grab in our nation’s history. The feds took over all the larger banks and AIG in the fall, then added the once mighty automobile industry to their collection. Already an unelected, unconfirmed czar controls executive pay rates in major businesses. Now they want control of our great health care system, about 17% of the GDP, and through that takeover, more control over individual lives.

The only thing left will be passing the Cap and Trade bill to turn us all into serfs.

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