Monday, March 29, 2010

David and Goliath Again?

Both Pelosi and Rangel face opposition in their quest for eternal power in the House of Representative.

The Rev. Michael Faulkner, a political novice, is running against Charlie Rangel who has had so little opposition in the past that he usually donated his campaign money to other Democrats as insurance that no one would investigate his corruption and tax evasion. Read more about Faulkner at "Charlie Rangel Faces His Scott Brown."

Nancy Pelosi's challenger, John Dennis, faces unbelievable odds since San Fran Nan usually wins with 70% of the vote. But he is undaunted as he campaigns online and in person to stop Pelosi's steamroller of money, media support, and patronage. If you really want to send her a message, I suggest you send money to Dennis' campaign. His website is JohnDennis2010.

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