Monday, March 8, 2010

One Eye and Half-Sense*

Every single American has complained frequently and vehemently about the lack of efficiency and the increased costs inherent in any large organization whether public or private. However, these problems metastasize in government organizations, like the Post Office, Social Security Administration, the Veterans' Administration, and the IRS.

Therefore, every single American ought to be vehemently against any proposed Health Care Bill. There is absolutely no way on God's green earth that adding bureaucrats between you and your physician is going to make it cheaper, better, or more available to more people.

No matter which sales pitch is used to favor the current proposals, it's obviously a cover-up of the real intent - taking away personal freedom and extending the power of the federal government.

If you're interested in reading more about specific proposals in the Senate bill, then please read "Guess Who's Coming to Your House?" in today's American Thinker. You'll learn new ways to be frightened about the Senate Bill which has already passed. And you should be even more inspired to call/write/email Congressional Clowns in the House protesting it.

*The title of this blog comes from my political activist grandmother who, thankfully, died before the era of politically correct speech. She used it to illustrate obvious truths that others were unwilling to understand, as in, "Well, anyone with one eye and half sense ought can see . . ." I hope that being practically one eyed myself because of ocular melanoma, you'll forgive my lapse back into the old ways of speaking.

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