Wednesday, March 10, 2010

My Race Is American

Today I got the letter from the Census Bureau that they were going to send me the actual census form next week. I really don't know which is the most stupid waste of my taxpayer money:
a) Money spent on a Superbowl Ad about the Census
b) Money spent on numerous radio ads every day about the Census
c) Money spent on a letter telling me I was going to get a letter about the Census

I believe most questions on the form are none of Big Brother's business and I plan to ignore those. But I certainly will tell them my race -- I am an American. That means when I get to the question of race, I will check "Other" then spell out AMERICAN in the little boxes. I hope you'll join me in this. We are Americans. We are not Irish-Americans, Anglo-Saxon Americans, Hispanic-Americans or African-Americans. And it galls me when they keep trying to divide us, put us in little boxes, and then treat us differently because who our daddies happened to be. For more information, please read "Sending A Message with The Census."

The census is supposed to count the people in each state in order apportion the number of representatives sent to Congress. Period. There is no need to entertain dawdling bureaucrats with details such as whether we have a mortgage or not.

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