Thursday, March 25, 2010

The Men in White Hats

Progressive politicians, aided by a sycophant mass media, have pushed through innumerable laws that expand the federal government to the detriment of We The People with a simple three step process.

First they put on a white hat and conceal their malicious lust for power with slogans and sound bites proclaiming their desire to "help" the poor and oppressed.

The second step is to portray all opponents as heartless vampires who cripple children just for the sport of it.

The third step is to find a way to become a martyr for the cause. Not a dead martyr of course, but to be someone who suffers visibly "for righteousness sake."

The Obamacare proponents are now out in full force becoming faux martyrs. The alleged taunts by the Tea Party protesters on Sunday and the alleged threats to Congressional Clowns have topped the news and television talk shows since the passage of the bill.

Interestingly enough, little mention has been made of Sunday's champagne party or Tuesday's lobster dinner served in the Senate cloakroom to celebrate the Democrat victory. (BTW, they only had lobster to honor the late Sen. Ted Kennedy, not because they were extravagant!)

They, themselves (the mass media) threatened Bart Stupid Stupak when they feared he night vote no. But after he caved with a yes vote, they began to castigate Pro Life groups who "might" resort to violence against him.

At the exact same time, Ann Coulter, who has to hire a body guard at her own expense, had to cancel a speaking engagement in Canada because 2,000 real, not alleged, protesters showed up wielding clubs and rocks to protest her existence. But that martyrdom has been ignored.

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