Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Give Bunning A Gold Medal

He deserves one for trying to bring a little bit of honesty and common sense to the Senate floor by opposing a bill to extend government benefits without showing where in the current budget the money would come from, meaning it will expand our current debt. The opposition stepped up their personal attacks and resorted to bomb threats at his office in Kentucky before he relented and quit his one man campaign to stop the spending and obey the Pay Go law passed just two weeks ago. Of course the media attackers painted him as someone who hated the poor unemployed instead of examining the policies that put so many people on unemployment for such a long time.

Although his stand appeals to the public and would have garnered additional voters for the Republican party, the entrenched RINO's in the Senate refused to voice any support for his principled stand. In the end, only 18 others voted with him:
Alexander, TN
Barrasso. WY
Bennett, UT
Burr, NC
Coburn, OK
Corker, TN
Cornyn, TX
Crapo, ID
DeMint, SC
Ensign, NV
Enzi, WY
Gregg, NH
Hatch, UT
Johanns, NE
McConnell, KY
Risch, ID
Sessions, AL
Thune, SD

This is not the first time Bunning has stood for sanity: a)In 2008, he was the lone dissenter in the massive mortgage bill, b)he voted against TARP, c)he has severely questioned Ben Bernanke when other committee members rolled over like eager puppies, d) he voted against the massive bailout for the UAW and GM, and e) he voted against the GIVE/SERVE program that wastes money and inhibits personal freedom.

I'm just sorry that he plans to retire, although I don't blame him.

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