Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Good Citizen Alert on The CIA

You no doubt have heard that former vice president Dick Cheney has spoken forcefully about the political machinations behind the new, third investigation of the CIA which Eric Holder just announced. The DOJ seems to be determined to make criminals out of those people who followed orders from their superiors, to make criminals out of the lawyers who studied case law to determine what would be legal, and most important, to make criminals out of the superiors, members of the Bush administration. Other national security analysts, as well as those who still have common sense, agree with his assessment of its dangerous veniality.

To show your support of those targets of the witch hunt and your disgust with a Department of Justice that criminalizes defenders of America while exonerating Black Panthers who openly intimidated voters, please sign the petition, I Will Not Convict. It states the if you are on a jury at a trial for members of the CIA, you will refuse to convict. Perhaps if enough people sign it, we can limit the scope of the CIA investigation. It's time for us to at least rain on their parade.

PS: Also please sign the Free Our Health Care Now petition if you haven't done so already. They now have 1,185,993 signatures. Help make it the biggest petition ever before they deliver it to all Congressional Clowns on September 9.

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