Saturday, September 12, 2009

Maryland Will Prosecute Whistle Blowers?

By now, practically everyone has seen or heard about the videos of the young people posing as a pimp and a prostitute at an ACORN office. During the interview, they were given advice on how to skirt detection in their lawless endeavors which included running a bordello with under-age girls from San Salvador. After airing on Fox News and the Internet, ACORN hastily fired the two advisers.

But you may not have heard that Baltimore City's State Attorney may use Maryland's wiretap laws to prosecute the two who made the video and brought it to Glenn Beck. Not surprisingly, the prosecutor, Patricia Jessamy, used to work for ACORN and has defended them publicly in the past. Also, it was Maryland state attorneys who charged Linda Tripp of illegal wiretapping in the Lewinsky/Clinton affair. Go to Sweetness and Light to get a more complete story.

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