Monday, September 14, 2009

Listen to The Silence

The silence of the mass media about the murder of a prolife activist in Michigan is a dramatic contrast to the keening over the murder of Dr. Tiller, an abortionist. As of today there have been 19 stories about James Pouillion who was shot as he stood in front of a high school holding a pro life sign, while there were at least 643 different stories about Tiller in the mass media.

When Tiller was killed, every Pro Life organization leader in the United States, Catholic Bishops, and Protestant pastors immediately condemned the murder and offered prayers for Tiller and his family. So far, I have heard of no one who has condemned Pouillion's killer.

Neither have there been blanket accusations about all abortion supporters being budding terrorists. However all prolife supporters are still on the Homeland Security Watch list for terrorism. And no one has called for a ban on private ownership of guns because Pouillion was murdered with a gun.

No wonder most mass media outlets are going broke. They have become public relations offices, not news organizations.

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