Friday, September 25, 2009

Homeland Security???

Are the anarchists listed with the other local threats to the security of the US put out by the Department of Homeland Security? As I recall, that list featured Pro-lifers, gun owners, and veterans, but I don't specifically remember any anarchy group.

The anarchists are demonstrating in Pittsburgh now. There have been arrests, businesses have boarded up their windows, and police wear riot gear, complete with personal shields. I haven't heard any numbers, but anyone can see from the pictures that the number of demonstrators is minuscule compared to the September 12 event in Washington, DC.

The Tea Party protesters, who filled the streets and side streets from the Washington Monument to the Capitol, cleaned up the after themselves, required no police outfitted with riot gear, and no arrests were made. More than a million people gathered to protest intrusive government, but there were no "incidents."

Why are these the people Homeland Security is worried about?

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