Thursday, September 17, 2009

It’s A Lot More Than Just Bias (Updated)

The way that the mass media and the Obama administration have handled these recent ACORN videotapes reveals much more than mere hypocrisy. Suddenly we see people who care NOTHING about the white slave trade, prostitution, tax evasion, or dishonest loan applications. It’s bad enough to know that ACORN doesn’t care, but to realize that neither the administration nor the mass media care is truly chilling.

At first, most news outlets ignored the tapes even after the US Census broke off ties with ACORN. That alone should have been a bombshell story calling for even more investigation and more stories about its impact. But, only those who watch FOX News, listen to Glenn Beck, or get their information from the Internet even knew about it. When questioned a few days later, Charles Gibson, head of ABC News claimed to know nothing about the scandal despite the fact that he is the head of the News Department and it’s his business to know what’s going on, not to mention that one of his reporters, Jake Tapper, had posted a story about it on his blog.

After that gaffe, stories began to appear on television and print, but the emphasis repeatedly was about Republicans trying to persecute ACORN.

It terrifies any just/compassionate/sane person to think that our “news” media see things only in terms of political fights and they’re only going to pay attention when it helps “their” side. (Read Media Malpractice for additional instances.) Have they no compassion about the possibility of young girls being used as sex slaves? Does the fact that an organization that receives federal money, i.e., from our pocketbooks, encourages clients to avoid taxes and shows them how to do it? Is no one investigating if such things have really happened in the past, instead of just during a sting operation with undercover video? Are we going to just sit there and wink at gross corruption in our system?

And let’s not even consider Congress investigating ACORN. Far too many of them owe ACORN favors, beside the fact that such investigations seldom accomplish anything worthwhile.

Addendum: ACORN has decided to call for an "independent" investigation of itself. That sounds so contrite until you look at the people who will conduct the investigation such as John Podesta, Center for American Progress (the group that just hired Van Jones, the self avowed Communist who had been a czar) and Andrew Stern, president of the Service Employees International Union. Besides, no investigation is independent when the organization gets to name its preferred investigators.

Also, someone needs to do a lot of investigation of all of Obama's ties with ACORN before too many papers are shredded and too many speeches removed from the Internet. Where are true patriots who can and will do this job for our country?

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