Monday, September 14, 2009

Protest Picture from Atlanta

This picture, courtesy of Nick O'Connor, was taken at a demonstration in an Atlanta suburb. It graphically portrays the intentions of some of the people crafting the healthcare reform bill who are more concerned about saving money than saving lives.

For example, a grandmother in my ocular melanoma support group discovered the eye cancer when she was 45. At age 67, metastasis showed up in her liver and later in her peritoneum. Since then she has had surgery, chemo, and immuno-emobilizations. Now at 73, she wrote,
"Just so you know, I have been fighting this thing for 6 1/2 years, after mets to my liver. I feel fine, lead a full life, enjoy everything, etc. The fighting part has not been a picnic, but it has not been that bad either."
Does some bureaucrat sitting at a desk in DC have the right to say those years were not worth the battle? That this woman did not contribute to medical science discoveries, to her family, to society at large? Do we really want to substitute the "wisdom" of government employees for God?

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