Saturday, September 26, 2009

Speaking of Holocaust Deniers. . .

Are we Americans just as guilty as Mahmoud Ahmadinejad? Can we kill around 1,370,000 innocent babies per year and not realize that our holocaust is far worse than the six million Jews annihilated by the Nazis?

Last January on the thirty-sixth anniversary of Roe v Wade, it was estimated that 50,000,000 abortions had been performed in the US. That means that we have decided to deny the right to life to the equivalent of the populations of:
* Kentucky
* Oregon
* Oklahoma
* Connecticut
* Iowa
* Mississippi
* Arkansas
* Kansas
* Utah
* Nevada
* New Mexico
* West Virginia
* Nebraska
* Idaho
* Maine
* New Hampshire
* Hawaii
* Rhode Island
* Montana
* Delaware
* South Dakota
* Alaska
* North Dakota
* Vermont
* Wyoming
And our lives and our country are poorer because of it.

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