Thursday, October 8, 2009

Have You No Shame? Have You No Decency?

We have borrowed the phrase "Have you no shame? Have you no decency?" from Netanyahu's UN speech to become the title of an ongoing series noting some of the mind numbing hypocrisy and stupidity coming from the clowns we have employed (i.e., politicians). These will be posted at irregular intervals and in an irregular order, as they come to mind. We will review them in October 2010 to remind ourselves not to reelect anybody.

1. Congress, prodded by the White House, is rushing to pass a health care bill that will not take effect until 2013. They want to nail down their power now, during the political honeymoon, but wait until Obama's supposed reelection before it takes effect and we all understand how bad the bill really is.

2. Obama campaigned by insisting that all future bills would be on the Internet for a full five days so every citizen would have a chance to read and discuss them before voting. But, in his first month of office, he demanded that a stimulus bill be passed before even the Clowns had read it, much less the citizens. Once they passed the unknown bill on Friday, he dithered around until the following Wednesday to sign it. Then we found out that most of the so called rush stimulus projects would not be funded for months or years.

3. A full 85% of Americans are satisfied with the status of their health care and their insurance. Yet yesterday, all the progressive politicians were delighted that the CBO promised that the Senate/Baucus bill would cover 94% of the population within five to ten years. So they insist on ruining the best health care system in the world to cover 9% more of the population, or an additional 27,000,000 people within five to ten years. Probably just buying those twenty-seven million people a decent health insurance policy would be cheaper and easier on everyone concerned. In fact, they're practically destroying 16% of the economy for 9% of the people.

4. The Congressional Clowns have steadfastly refused to accept the same health care regulations they are forcing on the citizens. Such legislation is tyranny and should be illegal in the US. But they want us to pay for their "Cadillac" version health care while we will be forced to accept rationing and "death panels."

5. The chief executive for the Internal Revenue Service is an admitted tax cheat, but got approved by the Clowns in the Senate.

6. The Chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee, who is responsible for writing the tax laws is an admitted tax cheat. Charles Rangel continues to serve and his colleagues in the House refuse to investigate despite the fact he has avoided paying taxes on extra income for the last 20 years by his own admission.

7. Wolf Blitzer had his staff fact check a comedy routine on SNL about Obama. Yet, he has no apology for not fact checking any of the routines about Sarah Palin. Nor did he or anyone with his network ever correct those who actually quoted Tina Fey when they said they were quoting Palin.

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