Tuesday, October 6, 2009

If He Had Only Cheated on His Taxes

But, instead Mr. George Norris, a 66 year old retiree, made a clerical error in filling out forms for his home business. So an armed, six man SWAT team from the Fish and Wildlife Service invaded his house and threw files and books on the floor as they searched for something they would not reveal to either Mr. or Mrs. Norris. Eventually the Wildlife Service sent Mr. Norris to prison because some of his paperwork on importing, buying, and selling orchids was incomplete. The aging diabetic was released at age 71. This nightmare started for the long time resident of Spring, Texas in 2003, not a resident of Zima, Russia in 1951.

On the other hand, had he just cheated on his taxes, he might be offered a position in the Obama administration.

To read the whole story of federal criminal laws that criminalize everyone, go to today's Washington Times. Then protest to your Congressional Clowns because it's way past time to scale back the reach and grasp of the federal government.

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