Saturday, October 17, 2009

Will You Sell Your Vote for $250?

President Obama thinks that most Senior Citizens will happily support and vote for him now that he's rushed to give them an unexpected $250 each because they won't get a cost of living adjustment in Social Security this year or next. Apparently he also believes $250 will make them eager to give up the possibility of any serious medical care during their senior years even though Seniors have been the most forceful opponents of Obamacare in recent weeks.

Surely, no one will fall for such blatant pandering.

And speaking of cost of living adjustments, isn't it interesting that officially there has been no increase in the cost of living for Social Security recipients. Yet, there has been such an increase in the cost of living for Medicare that all users will have larger medicare payments deducted from their S.S. checks. Washington accounting procedures are so interesting, especially when they bend the law that says Social Security recipients will never receive smaller monthly allocations.

Such machinations prove that Social Security was a bad program from the beginning and it will only get worse as it gets closer to bankruptcy.

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