Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Why Did We Elect Obama?

Robin of Berkely has a thought provoking article about race relations and the Obama election at American Thinker this morning. A younger recovering liberal, she has had experiences and insights that I, an adult who didn't face forced school integration, had no knowledge of.

One quote from the article:
It wasn't the black or the white kids' fault. High minded liberals were culpable for hatching up grand plans without an iota of thought about how it would play out in real time: that if you create a nightmare situation for black children by removing them from their neighborhood and their friends, you traumatize them. And if you then turn them loose and give them carte blanche, some will be out for blood.
Forced busing ended years ago in most places. But over the decades, liberals have concocted new plans, and subjected later generations to fresh trauma.

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