Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Actions Have Consequences – Always

It seems that all Democrat initiatives come complete with Terrible Problems, Evil Villains, and Wonderful Saviors, i.e. Democrat politicians. At first, the Evil Villains were Bush and Cheney, then their anger centered on the executives of large companies who had redecorated their offices, flown in corporate jets, or worked for a $1 salary with a “bonus” at the end of the year.

Just last week, Nancy Pelosi officially declared those evil insurance companies to be America’s newest enemies because they are making billions of dollars. She ignored the need for profits in order for the 13,000 or so insurance companies to stay in business, hire employees, or expand services. And no mention was made of the role of trial lawyers or superfluous government mandates in adding to health care costs.

But, has anyone thought about the stock market or our economy when insurance companies go by the wayside? All I can foresee is more costs for the government, less tax revenue, more unemployment, and less freedom.

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