Monday, August 3, 2009

Contact Your Congressional Clowns, If You Can

Many Congressional Clowns have been surprised by voters’ reaction to the proposed health care “reform.” Recently more than one normally placid town hall meeting has erupted in loud boos from angry constituents. Consequently, a lot of townhall meetings for August have either been cancelled or changed to “by invitation only.” None of my Clowns (Senators or Representative) have even posted open meetings with the people they claim to represent on their websites.

As an end run around this willful blindness, the Tea Party Patriots are calling for a Recess Rally at each Representative’s local office on Saturday, August 22 at 12 noon. Go here for more details. And then please show up with as many people as possible to ask questions, demand thoughtful answers, and let your clown know we do not want yet another expensive, inefficient, dictatorial government program.

Michelle Malkin
has a more complete write up on the growing protest movement complete with pictures and videos. Go there for more information than you’ll ever see on the mass media outlets.

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