Friday, August 28, 2009

*Rule One Alert!

Not only while Obama and the Congressional Clowns are on vacation, but in the middle of wall to wall coverage of the Kennedy funeral, word about a revised bill giving the president authority to shut down the public's access to the Internet emerged. And surprise, surprise, no one is available for explanations or comments. And the public relations experts believe that between August 28 and September 8, everyone will forget about the bombshell.

I think they're wrong.

Declan McCullough of CNET lifts the veil on S.773, the bill from Jay Rockefeller's office that grants the President authority to shut down all private access to the Internet during an emergency. No definition of emergency is given and few parameters for its execution are listed. It sounds like one more assault on our privacy and our freedom. Welcome your senators back to the office by having a strongly worded letter waiting for them when they return to the office in September. Then we'll start on emails and phone calls.

*Rule One refers to methods that media personnel use to manipulate public reaction to news.

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