Sunday, August 23, 2009

Food Costs Going Up?

I don't ever remember paying more than $1.00 per avocado in my many years of buying groceries. But this week, the lowest price I've found is $1.12, with much higher prices at several grocery chains. According to some prognosticators, this may be a portent for the near future all over the US.

But it's not just avocados. Sugar, sorghum, corn, and wheat crops have been bad due to drought conditions or bad weather in several states, especially *California and Texas, which will cause both price increases and shortages in those commodities and everything that either eats them or is made from them. There may be a temporary decrease in the price of beef as ranchers sell off their herds early, but expect higher prices down the road.

Consider buying and storing while it's relatively easy and cheap.

*Remember that at least part of the problem in California lies with the EPA which is redirecting the resevoir water to save the smelts instead of saving the crops for the people.

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