Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Still No Rest for The Weary

Both Drudge and the Wall Street Journal recently suggested that Obama and his supporters were running up the white flag on health care "reform." But, please do not rest on your laurels.

They're probably just trying to tone down the town hall meetings to give their loyal Congressional Clowns a break from the bad publicity.
1. Obama has *lied repeatedly when speaking in favor of the "reform," so we now know that we can not trust him to stand by his word.
2. It does not matter whether the government provides the health insurance or merely increases its control and regulations, the effect will be the same on the people.
3. They have already planned to use *reconciliation to pass health care reform if they do not have a filibuster proof (60 votes) margin.
4. The Progressives in US government have been lusting for socialized medicine for decades. Now, at last they have it within their grasp and they're not about to just give up. If absolutely necessary, they'll just tuck elements of their version of "reform" into other bills. For example, the "death panels" and other elements of increased health care control are already in the "stimulus" bill. I wrote about that in February.

So keep up the protests. Keeping telling your Clowns how much you detest every proposal so far. And, if you're not yet a senior citizen, get your mother and father to protest with you. Dick Morris thinks that's the only group with enough clout to slow down the Democrats.

*For example: You can keep your insurance. You can stay with your doctor. More preventive care will cut costs. All proposed legislation will be posted on the Internet for three days before voting and signing. I will not have any ex-lobbyists in my administration. My administration will be transparent.

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